Uncle Stick
a.k.a Gerald Franklin Pierce


A few photos from gigs and Bands I've worked with over the years. I don't have photos of every band or artist, but maybe you'll see someone you know.





The Mystics – Feb 1966 – The Bridge Club in Bridge City, Tx. The club was formerly a movie theater.

Larry Talbot, Bill Smith, Ray Little, Gerald Pierce

The Basic Things – Sept 1966 – at the Rose Room, Hotel Beaumont – Beaumont Tx.

The Basic Things – 1966 recording session in Pt. Arthur, Tx.

Tom Arrington, Ronnie Cooper, Herman Bennett, Larry Quinn, Gerald Pierce

Naked Letus – 1968 – The Cellar in Ft. Worth– left to right – Gerald Pierce – Jas Stephens – Mike Hickman – not pictured is Steve Coleman.

Naked Letus – 1968 – Promo Photo

Steve Coleman, Mike Hickman, Gerald Pierce, Jas Stephens

Me with Naked Letus at the Cellar – 1969

The Magic Ring – 1967-68 Houston, Tx

Unknown Go-Go girl, Gerald Pierce, Doug Reneau, John Wilson, Jim Clinton

Photo is from a taping for the Larry Kane Show in Houston.

The photo below is from a “Young Rascals” (later known as “The Rascals”) concert we opened up for. The venue was the Coliseum in Houston. None of the amps were miked and stage monitors were something we didn't have.

The P.A. consisted of a cluster of Altec Voice-of-the-Theater speakers suspended above the center of the arena (probably 150 feet from us). It worked fine for announcing a rodeo but wasn't conducive to playing and singing because of the delay.

We also opened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience (the early performance only...they did 2 shows) at the Music Hall on February 18th, 1968.

Steve Young Plus – 1973 – Beaumont, Tx